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The Military Order of the Purple Heart

Washington DC, During September

MOPH Management Team Meets to Set Priorities for 2012 and to Honor Military Nurses

During the period 8-10 September 2011, Commander Bill Hutton brought his team of National Officers together in Alexandria, VA to discuss management priorities for the wide range of MOPH programs for the coming year.  Proclaiming 2012 as “The Year of the Volunteer”, Hutton underscored the need for support and recognition of programs at the Chapter and Department level that exemplify volunteerism and provide support to veterans and their families.  A highlight of the meeting was a presentation by Michael McAndrews on “Ethics in Leadership.”  A lawyer, former law enforcement officer, and leading authority on ethics and personal integrity, McAndrews came to the meeting at his own expense to share his insights and experience with the Management Team.  Commander Hutton, whose friendship with McAndrews resulted in this unique presentation, reminded those present that "we provide leadership and oversight not to keep bad people from going bad, but to keep good people from going bad".

Commander Bill Hutton, President Barb Cherone and the MOPH Management Team


Keeping with annual tradition, on Friday, Sep 9, Commander Hutton, LAMOPH President Barb Cherone and the Management Team presented a special memorial service in the auditorium of the Women in Military Service for America Foundation (WIMSA), Arlington National Cemetery, to honor past and present military nurses.  Representing the U.S. Army and speaking on behalf of all military nurses was COL Susanne J. Clark, Acting Chief, Army Nurse Corps.  Also present were COL Rose Layman, Director Air Force Nursing Service, CAPT Sarah Martin, Deputy Director, Navy Nurse Corps, and a large group of active duty nurses from Walter Reed Army Medical Center and Bethesda National Naval Medical Center.

L-R: President Cherone, COL Clark, CAPT Martin, Col Layman, Commander Hutton


National Chaplain Stan Beach, who himself had spent 14 months in 3 hospitals as a wounded patient, honored past and present military nurses with an inspirational and heartfelt prayer that embodied the reverence and respect that all Members of the Military Order of the Purple Heart have for military nurses.

“Gracious Lord God, our Good Shepherd, Whose goodness has led and sustained us ...
Your mercies surround us all the days of our lives!

“We remember your compassion to us in our greatest moments of need; and we thank you now for these dedicated nurses who have been your means and hands to extend that compassion and care to us in our need.
“As we gather in this hallowed resting place of our Nation's very best; we thank you for the nurses of each of our services who have contributed so much to our military families.
“We thank you for their legacy of unselfish dedication to the care of others; A noble legacy of personal sacrifice and devotion to caring that has brought healing to our troops and their families around the globe.  A legacy worthy of the trust and the gratitude of every wounded warrior blessed by their care.  A legacy of courage and endurance - and sacrifice of life - in their solemn pledge and commitment to the needs of others.
“We thank you: For their professional skill and their perfected art of care that brings healing; For their gracious words that bring comfort, encouragement and hope; For their dedication so worthy of our  deepest gratitude and honor we render here.

“We thank you, our God, for enduing this spirit in those who continue to perpetuate that legacy today.  Grant them all continued strength of spirit in their service; and sustain them in the worthy task and challenges they endure.
“Lord, God, along with all who have served, we are deeply touched and humbled by their strong, caring service.  We thank you for the privilege of serving our Nation alongside of such steady servants.”

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