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The Military Order of the Purple Heart

For Immediate Release

Springfield, VA - June 5, 2013

By Bruce McKenty, MOPH National Commander


By now, those of you currently in MOPH membership database have received a postcard from Publishing Concepts Inc. (PCI) asking you to call a toll-free number and update your membership information.  In hindsight, this article should have been placed in the May – June issue of the Purple Heart Magazine, so that you would have been made aware of the project before you received the postcard.  Since the mail out, I have received queries about the legitimacy of this postcard and a few complaints.  In this article I would like to clear up some misconceptions and respond to your concerns.  

First, PCI is a legitimate company that gained the Order’s approval at the Spring Leadership meeting to conduct a survey of our membership.  This survey is being conducted at MOPH’s request.  This was NOT a rogue publishing company trying to gain personal information for their own profit or benefit – nor, is it an attempt to defraud you in any way.  PCI was invited to present a proposal to the National Leadership team in Dallas in April, 2013. All those present, including Region Commanders, viewed the presentation with favor.  As a result, MOPH contracted with PCI to update our national database.  This project will take about one year to complete.  The goal of the survey is to update membership data.  Our current database is over seven years old.  In the interim, for many members, email addresses, phone numbers, residences, and membership status has changed.  Updates are needed to assist us in improving communication.  This update is timed to coincide with the roll-out of a new membership data management software system. It is vitally important that we feed the new software the most up-to-date information.  We contracted with PCI because we do not have sufficient internal staff to conduct a survey of this magnitude. 


Second, there is no cost to MOPH for this service.  PCI will only use this data to update the MOPH membership database and to publish a membership directory similar to directories that were published in 2003 and 2007.  The membership directory will be for sale only to our membership.  The money from these sales will reimburse PCI for their cost.  MOPH will receive $10 for each directory sold.  You are under NO obligation to purchase a directory.


Third, there has been some concern over some of the options PCI is offering for donations and sales of additional merchandise.  They offer each member an opportunity to donate $25 to the MOPH general fund.  With the purchase of the Directory, they offer two separate packages (the Value and the Pride) which include discounted airline fares and, there is an option for a separate purchase of a MOPH sweatshirt and t-shirt.   Again, you are under NO obligation to purchase any of these extras. 


Fourth, be assured that the contract terms and privacy safeguards are being scrutinized closely to insure that our membership data will not be compromised and to insure that all monies owed to the MOPH are paid.  PCI is a reputable firm that has been doing business with many large educational institutions and we are comfortable in the fact that all contractual obligations will be met.      


Finally, please know that you are not required to participate. If your contact information has not changed in the last seven years, you can just tell that to PCI’s representative, verify that the info is, in fact, current.  If you feel you are being asked to provide more than described herein, you can communicate your concerns to either the PCI customer service desk at 800- 395-4724 or to the MOPH Headquarters at 703-354-2140. 


We hope you will participate in this effort to update our membership database.  If you tossed the postcard and now have a better understanding of the project and agree to participate, please call the above PCI phone number.



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