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The Military Order of the Purple Heart

For Immediate Release

McAllen, TX - May 31, 2010

McAllen’s Memorial Day- Chaplain’s Wall Honored

On May 31, 2010 members of MOPH National, Region, Department and Alamo Chapter 1836 met at McAllen Veteran’s War Memorial of Texas, located next to the City of McAllen, Texas, Convention Center to pay tribute to 3 Chaplains from the Vietnam era war.

U.S. A. Chaplain Charlie J. Watters, U.S.A. Chaplain Angelo J. Liteky, and U.S.N. Vincent R. Capodanno were honored on a black granite wall depicting their photos and citations describing their courageous deeds. The ceremony also dedicated a special wall for 78 Texas servicemen killed belonging to the 173d Airborne Brigade. The two black granite walls stand on the inner area of the veteran’s memorial 5 acre park.

MOPH National Chaplain Richard Jenkins, Chaplain Emeritus Conrad “The Leapin' Deacon” Walker, MOPH Region Commander Federico Rey, and MOPH area Chapter 5077 - Tony Cordova voiced dedication speeches that praised the Chaplains sacrifices and dedication to their fellow soldiers.

Other honored guests were Dept. Commander Raul Campbell, Alamo Chapter 1836 Jerry Terry, Past Commander Tony Roman, Senior Vice Manuel Soto, Dept. Exec. Committeeman Alex Perez (Newsletter Editor), Dept. Ladies Auxiliary President Mary H. Perez, Associate Member April Perez, Patriot (Long Time No See) A. J. Garcia and Mrs. Garcia.

From left to right (top): Patriot A.J. Garcia, Region 5 Cdr. Federico Rey, Chapter 1836 Past Cdr. Tony Roman, Chaplain Conrad Walker, Nat. Chaplain Richard Jenkins, Chapter 1836 Jerry Terry, SV Cdr. Manuel Soto, (Center Bottom) Chapter 5077 Cdr. Tony Cordova and Chapter 5077 fellow Patriots.

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