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Description: This award consists of a medal pendant with ribbon, a separate ribbon bar and a folder with a certificate.

Purpose: The Military Order of the Purple Heart Award recognizes demonstrated leadership ability in a cadet/midshipman enrolled in an ROTC/JROTC program in a High School, College, University or Trade School.

Eligibility Requirements: Each cadet/midshipman must:

  • Be an Underclassman (Seniors ARE NOT eligible);
  • Have a positive attitude toward ROTC/JROTC and country;
  • Hold a leadership position in the cadet corps;
  • Be active in school and community affairs;
  • Attain a grade of “B” or better in all subjects for the previous semester; and
  • Not been a previous recipient of this award.

Presentation and Publicity:

The award is presented annually at an appropriate ceremony. Presentation of the award by a MOPH Member is preferred. A local MOPH presenter may be found by utilizing the Chapter Search function of this website and typing in your zip code to find a local MOPH Chapter. Please Contact the Local Chapter as soon as possible. Sometimes a local chapter will be able to order the Award for the Cadet, if this is the case please give them time to order and receive the Award for the Cadet. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks so this will give the Chapter adequate time to prepare the Award.

How to Order Leadership Award:

Please click the button above to order the award online.

Contact Information

Roger Newall
ROTC/Youth Services Officer
Phone: (505) 610-1533
Email: nmrefsch@msn.com

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