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Although our membership is restricted to the combat wounded, MOPH provides support to all veterans. Our Service Program is dedicated to supporting all veterans in understanding and accessing VA benefits. We listen to veteran needs and provide continuous liaison with members of Congress on key issues. We host a myriad of activities at the local level by its Chapters throughout the country. We strive to serve all of our country with programs such as Americanism, building awareness and pride.

Service Program

This program operates a nationwide network of more than 70 offices, staffed by over 100 trained Service Officers and assistants; they are accredited by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

In addition, the Order has a core of Department and Chapter Service Officers who volunteer to assist Veterans and their families throughout the Country.

The Service Program is by far the largest of the programs and is operated by its own branch of the Order. The Order’s Annual Operating Budget is approximately $9 million, of which $6 million goes to support the Service Program.

National Legislative Program

Through this program, we listen to the veteran’s needs and taking an official position on legislation in Congress. We strive to impact legislation that affects veterans, their families and survivors, and we ask for your help in speaking up.

Veterans Advocacy Program

MOPH is committed to serving our veterans. Although our membership is restricted to combat-wounded men and women, we support all of our veterans.


Our ROTC program is based on the need to support and also set a high standard for our young Patriots.


The Veterans Affairs Volunteer Service (VAVS) Program is in effect throughout the VA medical center system. Our volunteer network, which supports all levels of patient care and support, is the largest in the federal government.


The purpose of the Americanism Program is to work with schools and other organizations to help promote U.S. history and the quest for freedom.

Also, explore our publications and the latest updates in the News section.

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