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MOPH Memorial Page

This page is meant to honor and remember Military Order of the Purple Heart (MOPH) members that have passed away. Our members served our country proudly and risked their lives defending freedom. They traveled to foreign lands to ensure that wars weren't fought in our backyards. They faced bullets, bombs, mortars and all of the hells of war in order to defend liberty and the American way of life. While serving our country they sustained injuries that would affect them for the rest of their lives. They are true American hero’s and our country will be eternally grateful for their courage and sacrifice.

In addition to honoring our members who are Purple Heart recipients, we also remember our associate members. Associate members are lineal relatives of Purple Heart recipients. Under member type Purple Heart recipients are listed as Annual Members or Life Members. Associate members are listed as Associate Life Members or Associate Annual Members.

This page is NOT maintained by the MOPH national office. Please do not call the MOPH national office in reference to this page. For any corrections to this page please email webmaster@purpleheart.org. If you know of a MOPH member that has passed away and is not listed on this page please contact their local chapter. Any chapter officer can add members of their chapter to this list. You can find their chapter by clicking here and searching by the zip code that the member lived in. This memorial only lists MOPH members. Purple Heart recipients that never joined the MOPH are not listed on this memorial page. Also, Purple Heart recipients cannot join the MOPH posthumously.

The following Members have passed away in the last 2 months

Name Department Chapter Service War Member Type
ADAMS , WARREN GTexas0553-TX-5 ARW2Life Member
ALBERS , MORRIS ETexas1836-TX-5 ARW2Life Member
ALEMAN , MAURO RTexas1836-TX-5 ARW2Life Member
ALEXANDER , JOSEPH LTexas1836-TX-5 ARW2Life Member
ANDERSON , GARYTexas0553-TX-5 ARVNLife Member
ANDERSON , LEON LTexas0393-TX-5 ARVNLife Member
ANDERSON , MILTON LNew York0264-NY-1 ARKRLife Member
ARNOLD , GEORGE FFlorida0823-FL-4 ARVNLife Member
AYALA ALERS , NESTORMaryland2222-MD-1 Not ListedNot ListedAssociate Life Member
BARNHART , BOBBYMichigan1818-MI-2 ARVNLife Member
BARTFAI , DENNIS SPennsylvania0197-PA-1 ARVNLife Member
BEAN , BILLYMississippiDML-MS-4 ARVNLife Member
BEHLAU , JOE W GTexas1836-TX-5 AFW2Life Member
BENSON , HOLLIS ATexas1836-TX-5 ARW2Life Member
BERGLAND , CHARLES EColorado0434-CO-5 ARKRLife Member
BERRY , PHILLIPIllinois0159-IL-2 MCVNLife Member
BICKLEY , EUGENE HIdaho0509-ID-3 ARVNLife Member
BIERNAT , PATRICK EColorado1041-CO-5 ARVNLife Member
BIRCH , DONALD ATexas1836-TX-5 AFKRLife Member
BLACK , WESLEYNew York0264-NY-1 ARIFLife Member
BLOCK , ALFREDMichiganDML-MI-2 ARW2Life Member
BOMAN , ARNOLDMinnesotaDML-MN-2 ARVNLife Member
BONENFANT , ARTHURNew York0264-NY-1 ARKRLife Member
BORRADORI , GINO PCalifornia1898-CA-6 ARW2Life Member
BOSTARD , RICHARD KPennsylvania0455-PA-1 MCVNLife Member
BRENNAN , ROBERT WNew York0264-NY-1 AFW2Life Member
BRESLEND , DONALD JNew York0264-NY-1 ARW2Life Member
BRITTON , JOHNNIE WNew York0264-NY-1 ARVNLife Member
BROUSSEAU , RICHARD CNew York0264-NY-1 MCVNLife Member
BROWN , ROBERT J.New York0264-NY-1 ARW2Life Member
BRYSON , DAVID WWashington0407-WA-3 NVVNLife Member
BUCK , FORREST WNew Jersey0691-AZ-6 ARW2Life Member
BUSHARD , CARL EIllinois0159-IL-2 AFW2Life Member
CANDELL , ANTHONYFlorida0717-FL-4 ARW2Life Member
CARROLL , JOHN EVirginia1754-VA-1 ARVNLife Member
CARSON , RUSSELL J.New York0264-NY-1 ARKRLife Member
CHAMPAGNE , RICHARD LNew York0264-NY-1 MCKRLife Member
CHISHOLM , WILLIAM GTexas1836-TX-5 ARW2Life Member
CHISOLM , ROBERTTexas0393-TX-5 ARW2Life Member
CLARKE , EMMON MCalifornia0078-CA-6 ARKRLife Member
COLEMAN , VANCEArizona0691-AZ-6 ARKRLife Member
COLIE , HERBERT ANew Jersey0027-NJ-1 ARVNLife Member
COMLEY , KEN VWashington0012-WA-3 MCVNLife Member
CONGER , WILLIAM AFlorida0524-FL-4 MCVNLife Member
COOK , JETTY RTexas1836-TX-5 ARW2Life Member
CORBETT , BUDDYArkansas0587-AR-5 ARVNAnnual Member
CORBETT , RICHARDTexas1836-TX-5 MCVNLife Member
COTE , ALANNew York0264-NY-1 ARVNLife Member
COUSINS , JAMES PMississippi0682-MS-4 ARW2Life Member
CROOK , MARK RNew York0264-NY-1 ARVNLife Member
CROSS , THOMAS RAYMONDFlorida0524-FL-4 ARW2Life Member
DAMMKOEHLER , ARTHURWashington0012-WA-3 ARW2Life Member
DAUBERMAN , EDGAR LPennsylvania0011-PA-1 MCKRLife Member
DAY , BOBBIETexas1836-TX-5 ARW2Life Member
DE LA PENA , MIGUELTexas1836-TX-5 ARW2Life Member
DENT , JOHN NFlorida0400-FL-4 ARVNLife Member
DICKERSON , W T BILLNorth Carolina0637-NC-4 MCW2Life Member
DICUS , GEORGE LTexas1836-TX-5 ARW2Life Member
DIETERT , LEROY WTexas1836-TX-5 ARKRLife Member
DIMINO , JAMES VFlorida0717-FL-4 ARW2Life Member
DITULLO , GEORGE JNew Jersey0181-NJ-1 ARW2Life Member
DONALDSON , GEORGE EPennsylvania0197-PA-1 ARVNLife Member
DRIVER , JOHN TFlorida0400-FL-4 ARKRLife Member
EATON , JAMES HNew York0264-NY-1 MCVNLife Member
ERNTSON , KEITH LEROYWisconsin0818-WI-2 NVVNLife Member
EUBANKS , FRED FTexas1836-TX-5 MCKRLife Member
FLAHERTY , STEPHENNew York0264-NY-1 ARVNLife Member
FOLEY , JAMES SPennsylvania0519-PA-1 MCW2Life Member
FOWLER , PATTINew York0264-NY-1 Not ListedNot ListedAssociate Life Member
FRAZIER , RAY EDelaware9377-DE-1 ARW2Life Member
FREDSTI , SANCAR STEFFANWashington0407-WA-3 ARIFLife Member
FUCHS , IRVING CTexas1836-TX-5 ARVNLife Member
FUHRMAN , JOHN APennsylvania0190-PA-1 MCVNLife Member
FUNTAL , CARL APennsylvania0197-PA-1 ARW2Life Member
GAILER , FRANK LTexas1836-TX-5 AFW2Life Member
GALLO , ANTHONYPennsylvania9377-DE-1 NVW2Life Member
GERLICH , LIONEL ETexas1836-TX-5 ARKRLife Member
GERRIER , ANDREWNew York0264-NY-1 ARVNLife Member
GIESE , FREDERICK HNew York0264-NY-1 NVVNLife Member
GLENEWINKEL , DELTON ETexas1836-TX-5 ARW2Life Member
GLENN , JO EKansas0688-KS-5 ARW2Life Member
GOLDENTHAL , MITCHELTexas1836-TX-5 ARW2Life Member
GONZALES , JOSE ATexas1836-TX-5 ARKRLife Member
GONZALES , ROBERT AWashington1889-WA-3 ARKRLife Member
GORDON , JAMESNebraska0200-NE-2 ARVNLife Member
GRACIANO , JOSE HTexas1836-TX-5 ARW2Life Member
GRAHAM , ROBERT MColorado1041-CO-5 ARKRLife Member
GRAY , JAMES EOhio0606-OH-2 MCVNLife Member
GRISWOLD III , E FRANKFlorida0705-FL-4 AFVNLife Member
GROSSMAN , MARTINPennsylvania0717-FL-4 AFW2Life Member
GUTELIUS , GARY LOhio0606-OH-2 ARVNLife Member
GWINN , LESTER AColoradoDML-CO-5 NVVNLife Member
HAAS , GERALD J.Pennsylvania1777-PA-1 ARKRLife Member
HABERER , ALBERT MArkansas0587-AR-5 ARW2Annual Member
HACKETT , MICHAEL JMaryland2222-MD-1 MCKRAnnual Member
HAMPTON , PAUL GTexas1836-TX-5 ARW2Life Member
HARDWICK , WALLACE HSouth Carolina1890-SC-4 ARVNLife Member
HARRIS , GARLAND GArkansas0587-AR-5 ARW2Annual Member
HASS , VICTOR CTennessee0356-TN-4 NVW2Life Member
HAYDEN , SAMUELArkansas0587-AR-5 ARAFLife Member
HELPAP , ROBERT CMichigan0180-MI-2 ARVNLife Member
HERRERA , JESUSTexas1836-TX-5 NVW2Life Member
HILL , JAMES WMaryland2222-MD-1 ARW2Annual Member
HILL , WILLIAM GTexas1836-TX-5 ARW2Life Member
HOFF , JAMES MCalifornia2929-CA-6 ARKRLife Member
HOLBERT , ROY KYLETennessee0356-TN-4 AFW2Life Member
HOLLOWAY , ELMERSouth Carolina0530-SC-4 ARW2Life Member
HORTON , RAYMOND SColorado0434-CO-5 ARKRLife Member
HOWELL , LAUREN EWashington0470-WA-3 MCVNLife Member
HUDSON , RONALD DArkansas0587-AR-5 ARVNAnnual Member
HYSLER , CRAIG BNew York0264-NY-1 NVVNLife Member
INGERSOLL , JIMMY ETexas0553-TX-5 ARVNLife Member
INMAN , LONNIE CTennessee0356-TN-4 ARW2Life Member
IVIE , HUBERT LFlorida0400-FL-4 MCKRLife Member
JACKSON , BRIAN SNew York0264-NY-1 ARVNLife Member
JAMES , DANIELArizona0691-AZ-6 ARVNLife Member
JOHNSON , JOHN HOYTArkansas0587-AR-5 ARW2Life Member
JOHNSON , LARRYIdaho0509-ID-3 ARVNLife Member
JOHNSON , LINDEN GGeorgia0425-GA-4 ARVNLife Member
JOHNSON , RALPH LWisconsin0770-WI-2 ARW2Life Member
JONES , COLIN NTexas1836-TX-5 AFW2Life Member
JONES , HAROLD CTennessee0356-TN-4 ARW2Life Member
JONES , JAMES LNew Jersey0036-NJ-1 ARVNLife Member
JONES , ROBERT BOklahoma0607-VA-1 AFVNLife Member
JUAREZ , BENANCIOTexas1836-TX-5 ARW2Life Member
JUDD , MERLEPennsylvania0455-PA-1 ARW2Life Member
KANAKOS , NICHOLASFlorida0717-FL-4 ARW2Life Member
KAPPELMAN , EDWARDFlorida0717-FL-4 ARW2Life Member
KAUFFMAN , ARNOLDFlorida0717-FL-4 MCW2Life Member
KAVOUKLIS , CHRISTOPHERFlorida0705-FL-4 Not ListedNot ListedAssociate Life Member
KEITH , JAMESFlorida0601-FL-4 ARVNLife Member
KELLERMAN , WARREN JTexas1836-TX-5 NVW2Life Member
KELLEY , JACK TNorth Carolina2226-NC-4 ARVNLife Member
KENES , JOHNPennsylvania0034-PA-1 MCVNLife Member
KENNEDY , DONALD RDelaware9377-DE-1 ARW2Life Member
KERKER , EDWARD LTexas1836-TX-5 ARW2Life Member
KING , CHARLES RAYTennessee0356-TN-4 ARW2Life Member
KIRKLAND , WINFRED LTennessee0356-TN-4 ARKRLife Member
KOTTAS , WILLIAM JNebraska0200-NE-2 ARW2Life Member
KOWALWESKI , JOSHUAMichigan0127-MI-2 Not ListedNot ListedAssociate Life Member
KUBENKA , EUGENETexas1836-TX-5 ARW2Life Member
LABRIE , ROBERT ENew York0264-NY-1 AFVNLife Member
LANZA , SAMUEL EOhio0606-OH-2 MCW2Life Member
LARSON , GORDON ATexas1836-TX-5 AFVNLife Member
LAVIGNE , DANIEL ANew York0264-NY-1 ARVNLife Member
LAZIDES , GEORGENew York0405-NY-1 ARW2Life Member
LEREW , ORVILLEThe Dakotas5355-DK-3 ARW2Life Member
LILEAS , WILLIAM ROhio0606-OH-2 MCVNLife Member
LITTLE , MALCOLMNew York0264-NY-1 Not ListedNot ListedAssociate Life Member
LITTLE , WAYNENew York0264-NY-1 ARVNLife Member
LOOMIS , DONALD BArizona0691-AZ-6 ARW2Life Member
LUNA , VICTOR VTexas1836-TX-5 ARW2Life Member
LYNCH , JOSEPH PNew York0264-NY-1 ARVNLife Member
MALONEY , KEVIN TNew York0264-NY-1 ARVNLife Member
MANCILLA , LEOPOLD CTexas1836-TX-5 ARW2Life Member
MARKS , CARL GNebraska0200-NE-2 ARKRLife Member
MARRS , BENJAMINTexas1836-TX-5 ARW2Life Member
MATHEWS , FLEMING WFlorida0717-FL-4 ARW2Life Member
MATHISEN , RAYMOND HFlorida0717-FL-4 ARW2Life Member
MATIE , MORRIS APennsylvania0197-PA-1 ARW2Life Member
MATSCHNER , RICHARDPennsylvania0197-PA-1 ARKRLife Member
MATULA , EMIL ETexas1836-TX-5 ARW2Life Member
MAY , MAURICE IFlorida0717-FL-4 ARW2Life Member
MCBRIDE , JAMES JNew Jersey0036-NJ-1 ARVNLife Member
MCCULLOCH , LEROY STexas1836-TX-5 AFW2Life Member
MCDOWELL , GEORGE APennsylvania1777-PA-1 ARVNLife Member
MCFARLANE , BILLYColorado1041-CO-5 ARKRLife Member
MCLEOD , JOSEPH ENew York0264-NY-1 MCVNLife Member
MCVAY , HOMER HArkansas0587-AR-5 ARW2Life Member
MEIRATH , DONALD CNebraska0632-NE-2 ARW2Life Member
MENCHACA , SANTOS TTexas1836-TX-5 MCKRLife Member
METTS , ALBERTTexas1836-TX-5 ARKRLife Member
MEYER , RICHARD FColorado0423-CO-5 ARVNLife Member
MEYERS , GARYFlorida0400-FL-4 ARVNLife Member
MICHAEL , GABRIEL DFlorida0717-FL-4 ARVNLife Member
MILLER , CORLISS CTexas1836-TX-5 AFW2Life Member
MILLER , FREDERIC GTexas1836-TX-5 ARW2Life Member
MOLTZ , JOHN HTexas1836-TX-5 ARW2Life Member
MORA , FRANK LTexas1836-TX-5 MCW2Life Member
MORRIS , JOHN HPennsylvania0190-PA-1 ARKRLife Member
MORTON , WALTER HNew York0003-NY-1 ARW2Life Member
MUNSON , CHARLES DNebraska0200-NE-2 ARKRLife Member
NASH , WILLIAM JMarylandDML-MD-1 NVW2Life Member
NESMITH , B REAMaryland2222-MD-1 ARW2Life Member
NESSANBAUM , CHARLES LFlorida0717-FL-4 ARW2Life Member
NESS , LAWRENCEFlorida0776-FL-4 Not ListedNot ListedAssociate Life Member
NICHOLS , VINCENT GNew York0405-NY-1 MCVNLife Member
NIGRELLI , ERNEST JPennsylvania0455-PA-1 AFW2Life Member
NORTON , ALANTexas1836-TX-5 MCKRLife Member
NOTHSTINE , RALPH JColorado0423-CO-5 ARVNLife Member
NYQUIST , MERWYN ANebraska0200-NE-2 ARW2Life Member
O'NEAL , WILLIAM HMarylandDML-MD-1 NVW2Life Member
PAGET , PERCYFlorida0717-FL-4 ARW2Life Member
PARKHILL , MICHAELIllinois0159-IL-2 ARVNLife Member
PARKS , MICHAELIllinois0138-IL-2 ARVNLife Member
PATTERSON , ROBERT EAlabama2211-AL-4 AFVNLife Member
PEDERSON , ALLANArizona0691-AZ-6 MCVNLife Member
PENA , IGNACIO MTexas1836-TX-5 ARW2Life Member
PERRY , RICHARD ROhio1981-OH-2 ARW2Life Member
PIANTADOSI , CLAUDENorth Carolina0637-NC-4 AFW2Life Member
POINTER , JAMES LTennessee0356-TN-4 ARW2Life Member
POOLE , JERRY LSouth Carolina0402-SC-4 ARVNLife Member
PORRECA , JAMESPennsylvania1777-PA-1 ARW2Life Member
POWER , CHARLES LIowa0861-IA-2 MCKRLife Member
PRICE , WILLIAM DGeorgia0525-GA-4 ARVNLife Member
PUGH , RAYMOND LTexas1836-TX-5 MCVNLife Member
RABIDEAU , FRANCIS JNew York0264-NY-1 ARKRLife Member
RAMIREZ , JOSE AMichigan0037-MI-2 ARVNLife Member
RAMOTH , GEORGE ENew Jersey0036-NJ-1 ARW2Life Member
RAY , JOHN LTexas1836-TX-5 ARKRLife Member
REAGAN , RONALDTennessee0356-TN-4 NVVNLife Member
REAMS , PHILIP ECalifornia2929-CA-6 ARVNLife Member
REESE , ELMER CArizona0442-AZ-6 ARKRLife Member
RETZLAFF , MILAN AMinnesota0308-MN-2 NVKRLife Member
REYNA , ANDREWTexas1836-TX-5 ARW2Life Member
RICHARDSON , CHARLIE RTennessee0356-TN-4 MCVNLife Member
RICH , MICHAEL BFlorida0717-FL-4 NVW2Life Member
RIDEN , MARKFlorida0776-FL-4 ARVNLife Member
RIOJAS , HILARIOTexas1836-TX-5 ARW2Life Member
RITTER , CHARLESArkansas0587-AR-5 ARW2Annual Member
ROBBINS , SPENCER EHawaii0483-HI-6 NVW2Life Member
ROBERTS , WILLIAMTennessee0356-TN-4 MCKRLife Member
RODRIGUES , JOSEPH ATexas1836-TX-5 ARKRLife Member
RODRIGUEZ , RAYMUNDO ATexas1836-TX-5 ARW2Life Member
ROMINE , SAM LOklahoma0708-AR-5 ARVNLife Member
ROPELEWSKI , ALOISPennsylvania0197-PA-1 ARW2Life Member
ROSALES , PEDRO VTexas1836-TX-5 ARW2Life Member
ROSS , LENNISTexas1836-TX-5 ARW2Life Member
ROZALES , TONY AColorado1041-CO-5 ARW2Life Member
RUBINO , LOUISFlorida0717-FL-4 ARW2Life Member
RUPPERT , RICHARD LPennsylvania0190-PA-1 ARVNLife Member
RUTLEDGE , TILLMAN JTexas1836-TX-5 ARW2Life Member
RYAN , JOHN PNew York0264-NY-1 MCVNLife Member
SALINAS , NOETexas1836-TX-5 ARW2Life Member
SCANLAN , TRACY AColorado0423-CO-5 AFVNLife Member
SCHAUER , KERMIT KTexas2004-NM-5 ARKRLife Member
SCHEIB , THOMAS ANew York0003-NY-1 MCVNLife Member
SCHERER , STANFORDFlorida0717-FL-4 AFW2Life Member
SCHILLER , MELVINTennessee0356-TN-4 ARKRLife Member
SCHNITZ , JOEL CTexas1836-TX-5 ARW2Life Member
SCHORR , PHILIP RFlorida0717-FL-4 ARW2Life Member
SCHULTZ , GEORGE TNew Jersey0036-NJ-1 ARW2Life Member
SELLERS , GEORGE RArizona0691-AZ-6 NVW2Life Member
SELL , JERRY LIowa0777-IA-2 ARKRLife Member
SERRANO , GUILLERMO RTexas1836-TX-5 ARW2Life Member
SHAIFER , EDWARD FTexas1836-TX-5 ARW2Life Member
SHAWARYN , EUGENE TFlorida0717-FL-4 MCW2Life Member
SHAW , DONALD E.Texas1836-TX-5 ARNot ListedLife Member
SHAW , LESTERIdaho0509-ID-3 ARVNLife Member
SHEA , ROBERT EIllinois0252-IL-2 ARKRLife Member
SHEEHAN , THOMAS GFlorida0717-FL-4 ARVNLife Member
SHELTON , CHARLES EWashington0012-WA-3 ARW2Life Member
SILVAS , MAUROTexas1836-TX-5 ARW2Life Member
SILVERMAN , STEVE JFlorida0453-FL-4 MCVNLife Member
SMILJANICH , PETERTexas1836-TX-5 ARW2Life Member
SMITH , JAMES MIllinois0575-IL-2 ARVNLife Member
SMITH , JOETexas1836-TX-5 ARVNLife Member
SMITH , THOMAS GTexas1836-TX-5 ARVNLife Member
SNOW , LOUIS AColorado0434-CO-5 ARW2Life Member
SOYK , OTTO WFlorida0601-FL-4 Not ListedW2Life Member
SPERL , RICHARD JMinnesota0807-MN-2 ARVNLife Member
ST CYR , LEO GNew York0264-NY-1 ARKRLife Member
STEVENS , JAMES TPennsylvania0034-PA-1 ARW2Life Member
STEWART , DENNIS LTennessee0356-TN-4 MCVNLife Member
STEWART , JACK DTexas1836-TX-5 ARKRLife Member
STEWART , LARRYTennessee0356-TN-4 ARVNLife Member
STREETS , JACKIE RWest Virginia0697-WV-2 ARVNLife Member
SUDDATH , PAUL RTexas1836-TX-5 ARW2Life Member
SUMMERS , J LTexas1836-TX-5 ARW2Life Member
SVRCEK , EDWARD MMaryland2222-MD-1 ARW2Life Member
TERRAZAS , SEBASTIAN R.Texas1836-TX-5 ARW2Life Member
THOMSON , CHARLESArizona0691-AZ-6 MCW2Life Member
TROBOUGH , TERRY JKansas0684-KS-5 ARVNLife Member
TUCKER , WILLIAM WFlorida0717-FL-4 ARW2Life Member
TULLIS , LUTHERTexas1836-TX-5 ARW2Life Member
VALLEJO , ANTONIOTexas1836-TX-5 ARW2Life Member
VANCE , ROBERT APennsylvania0455-PA-1 ARKRLife Member
VELA , ABELTexas1836-TX-5 ARVNLife Member
VIER , THOMAS HFlorida0717-FL-4 ARW2Life Member
WALLACE , MICHAELKansas0558-KS-5 NVVNLife Member
WARNE , JOHN RNew York0264-NY-1 ARVNLife Member
WARREN , BYRONTexas0814-TX-5 MCVNLife Member
WEITZ , MELVINFlorida0717-FL-4 NVW2Life Member
WELD , ROGER JNew York0264-NY-1 MCVNLife Member
WENDLING , JOSEPH NOhio0500-OH-2 MCVNLife Member
WHITWORTH , WILLIAM ETennessee0356-TN-4 ARVNLife Member
WIEDE , WALTER ATexas1836-TX-5 ARW2Life Member
WILKINSON , CECIL BVirginia1607-VA-1 ARW2Life Member
WILLIAMS , DENNIS NPennsylvania0034-PA-1 ARVNLife Member
WINCHESTER , RAY MFlorida0717-FL-4 ARW2Life Member
WOOD , SCOTTTexas0553-TX-5 NVVNLife Member
WRIGHT , BURCHTexas1836-TX-5 AFW2Life Member
ZAKY , ARIFMarylandDML-MD-1 ARVNLife Member

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