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MOPH Memorial Page

This page is meant to honor and remember Military Order of the Purple Heart (MOPH) members that have passed away. Our members served our country proudly and risked their lives defending freedom. They traveled to foreign lands to ensure that wars weren't fought in our backyards. They faced bullets, bombs, mortars and all of the hells of war in order to defend liberty and the American way of life. While serving our country they sustained injuries that would affect them for the rest of their lives. They are true American hero’s and our country will be eternally grateful for their courage and sacrifice.

In addition to honoring our members who are Purple Heart recipients, we also remember our associate members. Associate members are lineal relatives of Purple Heart recipients. Under member type Purple Heart recipients are listed as Annual Members or Life Members. Associate members are listed as Associate Life Members or Associate Annual Members.

This page is NOT maintained by the MOPH national office. Please do not call the MOPH national office in reference to this page. For any corrections to this page please email webmaster@purpleheart.org. If you know of a MOPH member that has passed away and is not listed on this page please contact their local chapter. Any chapter officer can add members of their chapter to this list. You can find their chapter by clicking here and searching by the zip code that the member lived in. This memorial only lists MOPH members. Purple Heart recipients that never joined the MOPH are not listed on this memorial page. Also, Purple Heart recipients cannot join the MOPH posthumously.

The following Members have passed away in the last 2 months

Name Department Chapter Service War Member Type
ADELBERG , MORTONPennsylvania1777-PA-1 ARW2Life Member
ALLAN , JOHN BWashington0407-WA-3 ARKRAnnual Member
ARNOLD , JAMES RAYTennesseeDML-TN-4 ARW2Life Member
AYALA , MANUEL DThe CarribeanDML-PR-4 ARVNLife Member
BAER , THOMAS R.Indiana1922-IN-2 ARW2Annual Member
BATES , ALBERTNorth Carolina0639-NC-4 MCVNLife Member
BENDER , BARRYPennsylvania0011-PA-1 NVVNLife Member
BENNETT , HOWARD LIndiana1916-IN-2 MCW2Life Member
BLAKE , WILLIAM VNew Jersey0010-NJ-1 ARW2Life Member
BOATWRIGHT , CHARLESNorth Carolina0639-NC-4 AFVNLife Member
BOHANNON , WILLIAM CTennesseeDML-TN-4 ARNot ListedLife Member
BOWERS , HOWARD ITennesseeDML-TN-4 ARW2Life Member
BOYD , ROBERT LTennesseeDML-TN-4 ARW2Life Member
BROCK , JAMES APennsylvania1777-PA-1 MCVNLife Member
BROWN , RALPH CPennsylvania0011-PA-1 ARKRLife Member
BYRNE , FRANK KNorth Carolina2226-NC-4 ARVNLife Member
CARTER , ROBERT ANorth Carolina2226-NC-4 ARW2Life Member
CASALE , PAUL JPennsylvania1777-PA-1 ARVNLife Member
CASTI , JAMES ENorth Carolina0639-NC-4 MCVNLife Member
CILIO , JOHN JPennsylvania1777-PA-1 ARVNLife Member
CIOFALO , PHILIPPennsylvania1777-PA-1 MCVNLife Member
CLARK , GERALDTennessee0356-TN-4 ARW2Life Member
COTTOM , RICHARD VPennsylvania1777-PA-1 ARVNLife Member
COX , RICKIEIowa0861-IA-2 Not ListedNot ListedAssociate Life Member
CRUSING , JOHN RCalifornia0493-CA-6 MCVNLife Member
D'ARPINO , ANTHONYNew York0490-NY-1 Not ListedNot ListedLife Member
DE MARA , DANIEL JCalifornia0210-CA-6 ARVNLife Member
DEALY , JAMES PAlabamaDML-AL-4 AFW2Life Member
DEROSE , DOMINIC MPennsylvania1777-PA-1 ARW2Life Member
DOTE , GEORGE A.New York0490-NY-1 ARW2Life Member
DOTT , ROBERT HPennsylvania1777-PA-1 NVW2Life Member
DUNN , HATTIEMOPHA TexasUnit 1876-TX-5 Not ListedNot ListedNot Listed
DUNN , MICHAEL DArkansas0431-AR-5 MCVNLife Member
EVANS , WILLIAMPennsylvania1777-PA-1 ARVNLife Member
FAIONE , ROBERT JPennsylvania1777-PA-1 ARKRLife Member
FERDIK , FRANK GPennsylvania1777-PA-1 MCVNLife Member
FERRIS , ANTHONYNew York0490-NY-1 AFW2Life Member
FILI , WILLIAMPennsylvania1777-PA-1 AFW2Life Member
FLORES , ERMILO PPennsylvania0011-PA-1 AFW2Life Member
FLOYD , JACK DMichigan0018-MI-2 ARW2Life Member
FRIEDENBERG , BERNARDNew Jersey0036-NJ-1 ARW2Life Member
GALLOWAY , JAMESTennessee0356-TN-4 ARKRLife Member
GILLESPIE , DONALD JPennsylvania1777-PA-1 MCVNLife Member
GUARNERE , WILLIAMPennsylvania1777-PA-1 ARW2Life Member
HALL , ROBERT LAlabamaDML-AL-4 ARKRLife Member
HALL , TIMOTHYCalifornia0493-CA-6 ARVNLife Member
HAMILTON , RODNEY CLouisiana0504-LA-5 MCKRLife Member
HARRISON , JOHN TFlorida0776-FL-4 ARW2Life Member
HASSICK , MICHAEL HNew York0490-NY-1 MCVNLife Member
HEDGLIN , RAYMOND A.North Carolina0636-NC-4 ARW2Life Member
HEINLEY , VERNON JPennsylvania0107-PA-1 AFVNLife Member
HIBBARD , HARRY RNew York0490-NY-1 MCW2Life Member
IVERSON , WALTER OMinnesota0056-MN-2 MCKRLife Member
JACOBINI , GUERINOPennsylvania1777-PA-1 ARW2Life Member
JONES , WILLIAMPennsylvania1777-PA-1 MCVNLife Member
JORDAN , RANSOMMaryland2222-MD-1 ARVNLife Member
KAHL , PATRICK WNew York0490-NY-1 ARVNLife Member
KALAHAR , DONALD LEEIllinois0159-IL-2 ARVNLife Member
KAY , GARY M.Florida1980-FL-4 ARVNAnnual Member
KENT , ROLAND JNevada0719-NV-6 MCVNLife Member
KEPPLER , LAWRENCE AArizona0691-AZ-6 ARKRLife Member
KILLIAN , SHERMAN RHawaii0483-HI-6 MCW2Life Member
KNIPLING , XAVIER APennsylvania0455-PA-1 ARW2Life Member
KRACK , ALVINOhio0148-OH-2 Not ListedNot ListedAnnual Associate Member
KURTELAWICZ , JOHNNew York0490-NY-1 MCVNLife Member
LA SALATA , ANTHONYNorth Carolina0636-NC-4 ARW2Life Member
LAWLOR , RUTHMOPHA TexasUnit 1836-TX-5 Not ListedNot ListedNot Listed
LOMAX , MARK LAlaska0675-AK-3 ARVNLife Member
LONERGAN , JOHN MPennsylvania1777-PA-1 ARVNLife Member
LOTHROP , FORRESTThe Dakotas5355-DK-3 ARW2Life Member
MAGEE , FRANK JPennsylvania1777-PA-1 MCVNLife Member
MARSHALL , BRUCEMaryland0577-MD-1 ARVNLife Member
MCFADDEN , PAULNew York0490-NY-1 ARKRLife Member
MCFARLAND , VERNON BUDPennsylvania1777-PA-1 ARVNLife Member
MCFARLAND , WILLIAM FTennessee0356-TN-4 ARVNLife Member
MCGINLEY , ARTHURTennessee0356-TN-4 MCVNLife Member
MEALHOW , PAUL WIowa0861-IA-2 MCW2Life Member
MIGUEL , ALEXANDERHawaii0779-HI-6 ARKRLife Member
MIKSTAS , MARTINPennsylvania1777-PA-1 MCW2Life Member
MOHRMANN , FREDERICK AWisconsin0770-WI-2 MCW2Life Member
MUDD , EDWARD CKentucky0146-KY-2 ARVNAnnual Member
MULLENAX , ROBERTMaryland0122-MD-1 ARW2Life Member
NAKASHIMA , BRUCE KCalifornia0210-CA-6 ARVNLife Member
NELSON , HENRY MThe Dakotas5354-DK-3 AFKRLife Member
NESBELLA , MICHAEL BPennsylvania1777-PA-1 MCW2Life Member
PARSONS , RICHARDIowa0861-IA-2 ARVNLife Member
PETERSON , LAURENCE HCalifornia0493-CA-6 MCVNLife Member
PETTY , HUIE WMaryland0577-MD-1 MCW2Life Member
PHILLIPS , HAROLDNew York0490-NY-1 ARVNLife Member
PICKETT , JOHNColorado0434-CO-5 ARVNLife Member
POSER , MARVIN WPennsylvania0011-PA-1 ARVNLife Member
PUGLIA , MICHAELPennsylvania1777-PA-1 MCVNLife Member
RAYBURN , HOMER LTennessee0356-TN-4 ARW2Life Member
RECCHI , NICHOLAS PPennsylvania1777-PA-1 ARKRLife Member
REGISTER , DAVIDGeorgia1000-GA-4 NVVNLife Member
RIDDLE , JOSEPHPennsylvania1777-PA-1 ARW2Life Member
ROBB , WILLIAM JPennsylvania1777-PA-1 ARVNLife Member
ROSITANO , JOSEPH ANew York0490-NY-1 AFW2Life Member
ROUSH , VIRGIL BArizona0691-AZ-6 ARW2Life Member
RUBILLO , MICHAEL LPennsylvania1777-PA-1 MCVNLife Member
RYAN , ARTHURPennsylvania1777-PA-1 ARVNLife Member
SASSON , JOHN HNew York0417-NY-1 ARW2Life Member
SCARFO , JOHN JNew York0490-NY-1 ARW2Life Member
SCHALER , WALTERIllinois0159-IL-2 MCKRLife Member
SCHLOSSBERG , S JACKPennsylvania1777-PA-1 ARW2Life Member
SEARER , KENNETH LPennsylvania0011-PA-1 MCVNLife Member
SELLERS , JAMES EIndiana0604-CA-6 NVVNLife Member
SHENKLE , GEORGEPennsylvania1777-PA-1 ARW2Life Member
SHEPHERD , WILLIAM HKentucky0146-KY-2 Not ListedVNAnnual Member
SOBCZYNSKI , STANLEY FPennsylvania1777-PA-1 ARW2Life Member
STERN , PHILIPCalifornia1898-CA-6 ARW2Life Member
TATE , MORRIS WVirginia0353-VA-1 NVVNLife Member
WALLACE , TOMNew York0490-NY-1 ARVNLife Member
WEBB , MARION SKentucky0146-KY-2 NVW2Life Member
WELLER , VERNON PPennsylvania0011-PA-1 ARW2Life Member
WIGLER , JEROMEPennsylvania1777-PA-1 ARW2Life Member
WILBUR , GRETCHENPennsylvania1777-PA-1 Not ListedNot ListedAssociate Life Member
WILEY , GUILFORD MWisconsin0162-WI-2 ARW2Life Member
WILSON , DENNIS RMichigan1879-MI-2 ARVNLife Member
WOJNAS , JOHNNew York0490-NY-1 ARKRLife Member
WRIGHT , DOUGLAS ANew York0490-NY-1 ARVNLife Member

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