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Software Developer Training Program

The Military Order of the Purple Heart and Redding Software Corporation are working together to provide MOPH members, veterans, or family members of MOPH members with free Software Developer training. Each year 15 people are chosen for our free training program / internship. The training will start Oct 4 2022. Priority will be given to MOPH members.

The internship lasts for one year since most employers like to hire programmers with at least one year of experience. Interns will need to be available for the Zoom meeting from 2PM-4PM CST Tuesday through Friday. Interns will have to attend 90% of the classes to graduate (unless an exception is granted).

The interns are first taught how to program using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, and SQL. Their first task is then to build themselves a resume website since most employers like job applicants to have their own website to show off their skills when applying to be a Software Developer. Each time the interns learn a new programming language, they use their new skills with the language to update their website.

Once they've completed their website, the interns will have the basic skills needed to be a full stack web developer. Interns are then able to choose to either focus on building websites or they can choose to foucs on building mobile apps. If they choose to pursue a focus on mobile app development they are taught the C# programming language and they are then given the opportunity to work on actual mobile apps.

At the end of the internship the MOPH will be holding a virtual job fair and we will be inviting some of the top software development companies to attend. Additionally, we will be helping interns with their resumes and with applying for jobs.

If you are an MOPH member, a veteran, or are a family member of an MOPH member and you are interested in applying for training program / internship please fill out the form below.

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